Highest Quality Logs

At Brentwood logs we work hard to make sure our products are environmentally friendly, and are proud to say our logs are of the very best quality.

Environmentally Sustainable

We source all of our Timner from local, reputable tree companies and FSC certified suppliers, who supply timber from sustainable forestry management programs

Your Local Supplier

We operate as a specialist local log supplying business delivering quality logs to our customers in and around our area. Payment can be made in four convenient ways - cash, bank transfer, PayPal or debit card

Buy Wood

Burning renewable Bio fuels is the greener cheaper fuel source, at Brentwood Logs we can help you to Save and be green today. If you have recently had a wood burning stove or fire installed then you have made the first step, now all you have to do is buy the right fuel!

Which Woods

Due to the varied nature of the business from which our logs are sourced you could find any of the logs below in your loads, have fun identifying the logs and their quality's, or ask your delivery driver what logs you have in your load. Our Wood is all sourced locally from local tree surgeons, our own tree work and as part of forestry management programs.

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Need Wood? Call or text Ian on: 07975 626930

    We will need to tip your goods onto your property, i.e a driveway or grass frontage. if you don't have anywhere for us to tip, we can unload by hand however this needs to be pre-arranged and is chargeable at £45 per hour.


    Our logs are all hardwood and are dry enough to burn straight away. Even our Part Seasoned Logs are good enough to burn straight away. (just a small loss in efficiency) However you will need to check with your burner manufacturer.


    We don't count the logs on, but all loads are about the same size which is approximately 1.1, 2.5 and 5 cubic metre loads, if anything we always try to give you more than you would expect.

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