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We opperate as a local business delivering quality logs to our local customers. We often run out of logs early in the year due to high demand, it is therefore counter productive for us to expand our delivery area.
Small orders will usually arrive in our pick up truck. 2.5m and 5m loads arrive on our tipping trailer.
We will need to tip your goods onto your property, i.e a driveway or grass frontage.
We try to be as adaptable as possable, if you don't have anywhere for us to tip, we can unload by hand however this needs to be pre-arranged and is chargeable at £45 per hour.
Yes, our logs are all hardwood and are dry enough to burn straight away. Even our Part Seasoned Logs are good enough to burn straight away. (just a small loss in efficiancy) However you will need to check with your burner manufacturer.
Our logs are nominally 9” long, but due to the individual nature of sawing the logs, lengths can vary +/-2” typically. If you have a maximum log size to fit in your burner, we will do our best to supply logs as close as possible to that length.
Due to the varied nature of timber split individually, the number of logs varies in each load. For this reason we sell by volume rather than number of logs.
We charge delivery on any order placed where the delivery address is more than 5 miles out side of Brentwood town center. This is because Brentwood is our local town, therefore we incur very little cost's on these local deliveries, compared with the labour and fuel cost's incurred on longer distances.
Our logs are stored outside but under a roof, giving them a chance to dry and season as the wind blow's around them and the sun beats down on them, all the time staying dry out of the rain. Making sure you have the very dryest hardwood logs this winter.
Our logs are all totally organic, they come straight from the tree via our log pile to your door, any bugs found on our logs are harmless, and are a part of the trees natural cycle.
Our prices are all inclusive of VAT @ 5% which is the standard rate for solid fuel sold to domestic clients, however if you are a commercial customer the VAT rate will be set @ 20% and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.
We deliver to most areas of Essex if needed, but we try to stick within an approximate 15 mile radius of our yard in Galleywood. Please ask for a confirmation of any delivery costs with your enquiry.
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